Preschool Program Calendar - October 2013

Villa del Monte Daycare/Preschool offers quality family child care with a variety of activities including the implementaion of the Mother Goose Time a professional preschool curriculum.  Our program is designed to nurture and develop the whole child utilizing a combination of structured play and a variety of activities.

During a typical childcare/pre-preschool session, children have the opportunity to make activity choices, which include:

Love & Caring
Lots of hugs and laughter
- Circle time
- Birthday celebration (please notify provider if you wish to bring goody bags or cupcakes to share with other children)

Creativity & Imagination
- Hands-on creative arts & crafts
- Finger painting & coloring
- Age appropriate toys
- Puzzles and table games
- Sand and water
- Clay and playdo
- Imaginative and role-playing
- Block building

Early Learning
- ABC’s & 123’s phonics
- Colors & shapes
- Nursery rhymes, music & singing
- Identification of feelings
- Arts & Crafts
- Drawing & hand painting
- Stories, Show and tell
- Talking skills and foreign language (English/Spanish)

Physical Skills
- Outdoor fun, climbing and sliding
- Dancing
- Jumping, riding & running
- Ball skills

Good manners & Healthy Habits
- Respecting others
- Sharing toys
- Listening skills
- Balanced organic home-cooked meals
- Hand washing
- Tooth brushing
- Personal needs (diaper change and help with toilet training)


Please be aware that many of these preschool activities apply to children 2 years and older. Most children in this age range are at a developmental phase where they can understand directions and follow simple stories.

The warm, loving, playful atmosphere and stimulating environment address the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative needs of each individual child. The environment fosters in children self-esteem, friendship, kindness responsibility, respect, cooperation, and most of all, a love for learning.

The program is flexible enough to fit the individual needs of the children as their development changes. Your suggestions and comments are welcome as it will help us create the appropriate learning environment for your child.


Thank you!

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