Morning Arrival  -  Children Greetings and child personal items to be placed in designed areas (backpacks, lunch bags, jackets and shoes) followed by washing hands

7:30     Indoor activities for early arrival school age children

          8:00     School Bus Pick-up

          8:30     BREAKFAST - wash hands

          9:00     Learning Centers: Social skills, follow directions,
numbers, alphabet, colors, shapes, 
                      foreign language skills, arts and crafts.
        10:30     MORNING SNACK - wash hands

        11:00     Circle Time/Outdoor Play 
                      - group activities such as stimulating instructional games.

        12:00     LUNCH (Kids Meal Menu) - wash hands. Cooking and eating
                      etiquette instruction that teaches manners. 

Tooth Brushing and toilet/diaper

   1:00-3:00    Nap/Quiet Time. Story time.

           1:30    PICK UP  - half day children departures
                      Bus Drop Off -
            2:00   Kindergarden 
            3:00   School Age
                      - wash hands, quiet activities
                        or outdoor play wether permitting.

           3:00    AFTERNOON SNACK - wash hands

           3:30    Free Play - indoor/outdoor
           4:30    Homework/Reading Help - wash hands
5:00 - 5:30    Clean Up and children departures


*** The schedule varies depending on the child's age.

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